- When was CAMTC established?

Civil Aviation Management Training College CAMTC was established in 2006 within the technical cooperation project between the Egyptian Aviation Academy EAA and the Technical Cooperation Bureau TCO of the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO.

 - What are the places that CAMTC deliver its training courses in?

CAMTC delivers its training courses mainly in the academic building of EAA either in October Airport or in Embaba Airport. CAMTC can also deliver some courses in other training classrooms located in the Ministry of Aviation complex. Egypt air training complex and Cairo Airport Company Training Centre.

 - What are the areas of training available in CAMTC?

 CAMTC offers its training courses in the following areas :
  - Aviation Medicine Courses .
  - Aviation Management and Operation Courses .
  - Airport / Airline Management and Operation Courses .
  - Aviation Engineering Courses (Maintenance / Avionics) .
  - Aviation Security Courses / Crisis Management .
  - Aviation Radio Maintenance Systems .
  - Human Resources Management Courses .
  - Aviation English Courses

   - Are the certificates issued approved?  From which Organizations?

CAMTC is an approved by the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority as an aviation training organization. It also approved by ICAO as a center of excellence for the aviation medicine courses. The Certificates issued for the courses delivered in CAMTC are approved from the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority. There are also some courses offered in CAMTC that are approved by the Supreme Council of Universities as a bachelor degree such as the basic  course for aircraft engineering course ( Maintenance & Avionics ).

   - How can I register to a certain course?

You can register through EAA website or through fax, e mail or even by phone contact. All EAA CAMTC contact points are available within EAA website (CONTACT US).

   - What is the language of training?

All CAMTC training courses are conducted in English language. The course materials are also in English Language. Most of CAMTC courses, specially the long qualification courses, include aviation English / or aviation technical English modules to support the training process.

   - what is the training testing and evaluation procedure applied in CAMTC?

CAMTC applies oral, practical and written testing systems in its courses according to the subject and nature of the course.

- What is the currency used in paying the training fees?

Training fees are to be paid mainly in US Dollars. However, EAA accepts, especially for Egyptian trainees, the payment in Egyptian pounds.

- Can I pay the training fees in installments?

Yes, Training fees can be paid in installments system so as to completely finish the payment process before the end of the training course.

- Are there any additional fees for the certificate and the transcript?

Normally, training fees include the issuance of certificates and a transcript for the first time. If a trainee would like to re-issue a certificate or transcript, he should apply for that and pay the required fees. You can have a certificate or a transcript for the course you had in EAA some years ago after paying the required fees.

- I registered and paid for a course and then decided to withdraw for personal reasons? Can I return my money back?

Paid training fees can be returned with some penalties according to the date of cancellation.




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