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  Civil Aviation Management Training College(CAMTC) was established at (EAA)Egyptian Aviation Academy in     2006 to serve aviation community.
  CAMTC is a not-for-profit association that develops knowledge of  the aeronautical business through training  and   research.
  We have access to the latest figures and trends in the aviation  industry ,We also work with different Academies
   / Experts  That work in, or with Aviation companies around the world to ensure our courses are regularly  updated   to the latest knowledge.

Civil Aviation Management Training College Consists Of ...
      A. School of Aviation Medicine
      B. School of Aviation Management
      C. School of career Management

Civil Aviation Management Training College Offers ...
      A. Standard and customized courses, depending on customer
           training requirements.
      B. Strengthen skills and enhance understanding of
           commercial aviation and the air transport market.
     C. Standard courses can improve your job in a short period of
          time, minimizing the time spent away from the office.
     D. Our courses run in small groups of about 10-18 participants,
          with minimum six participants to prove valuable for
           personal networking
     E. Customized courses allow flexibility and solve time
          constraints for a large group of employees that need to
          be trained in a  particular subject.
     F. Different countries may have different training expectations.
         Our multi-lingual and multi-cultural team understand working
          in an international environment


we made a special practical program for the students of the Faculty of Engineering in maintenance general management & technical works, through a workshop.
Where the students had the chance to be aware of the airports safety instructions & all different aircrafts system types,
And by the end of the workshop they visited the engines plant located on the academy Aircraft Maintenance Center .

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Our mission

Reach and Retain Excellence Level and provide competent product locally and internationally.
as a reflection and mirror of technological development , radiation for serving the society and a resource that goes beyond customer requirements and expectations

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Address:6 October Airport - El-wahat road
Telephone:01022271280 / 01022271281 /                                 01022271282
                    ( call from 9 am To 1 pm)

FAX:+202 38285579